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Why are you using nHAp instead of fluoride in the TANITABS formula?

Tanitabs are meticulously crafted with a scientifically-proven formula featuring mineral and plant extracts, designed to provide a comprehensive solution for teeth cleaning, enamel restoration, and long-lasting freshness. Central to our formulation i

Are TANITABS truly easy to use and convenient?

Absolutely! When it comes to our TANITABS tablets:. - YES, they are perfectly portioned. Simply bite down on a tablet and brush with a wet toothbrush, just like you would with regular toothpaste. No mess, no product waste, and definitely no plastic w

Are TANITABS recommended for sensitive teeth?

Absolutely! When it comes to our TANITABS toothpaste tablets, it's a resounding YES!. All our TANITABS toothpaste tablets have an Abrasive index (RDA) under 70, which means they are entirely safe for sensitive teeth. What's more, they feature nHAp (n

Do TANITABS offer the same health and dental benefits as traditional toothpaste?

Absolutely! When we embarked on the journey to create our TANITABS tablets, we embarked on a thorough selection process for premium natural ingredients, scientifically proven to be effective and safe for human health. Additionally, our tablets are so

Are TANITABS safe for kids?

For children under 3 years old, we suggest a simple precaution: crush a TANITABS tablet into a powder before use to prevent any choking hazards. Assist them in dipping their wet toothbrush bristles into the powder, allowing it to foam up for a thorou

Are TANITABS safe for pets?

No, TANITABS tablets are not safe for pets. They contain xylitol, which is beneficial for our oral health but can be highly toxic to dogs and cats. Please ensure that you keep TANITABS tablets out of your pets' reach to ensure their safety. Your furr

What are some of the benefits of nHAp over fluoride?

While nHAp and fluoride both play a role in remineralizing teeth, they do so in distinct ways. Notably, nHAp stands out as a 100% biocompatible substance, ensuring complete safety and non-toxicity, even when consumed in larger quantities. nHAp boasts

Is it possible to order the TANITABS jar separately?

The TANITABS jar is exclusively included in the Solid Routine and Bathroom Essentials bundles, as well as being available in select retail stores. If you'd like to purchase it separately, simply reach out to our customer service team, and one of our