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Can TANIT packaging be recycled?

Our shipping boxes, reusable glass bottles and jars (intended for reuse, not recycling) are recyclable, while our tablet wrappers, pouches and sunscreen tubes are compostable. Additionally, your package includes biodegradable and compostable vegetabl

What happens if the tablet packaging becomes damp or wet?

The packaging for all our tablets is crafted to guard against water, but it's not built to take a swim. To keep it in good shape, store it in a dry, secure spot. Moreover, any moisture can impact the effectiveness and lifespan of the refill tablets.

What are your compostable packaging made of?

Our compostable packaging is made from a combination of kraft paper and PLA, a 100% biodegradable bioplastic derived from renewable plant-based materials. Specifically, the PLA we use is derived from cornstarch. This composition allows our packaging