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How do I properly use Hair Care bars?

SHAMPOO BAR. Step 1: Begin by wetting your hair, and then run the shampoo bar under warm water for approximately 3 seconds. Step 2: Rub the bar directly onto your scalp, starting near your forehead. Work it in small, circular motions towards the base

What is the best way to preserve my Hair Care bars?

The most effective way to preserve your shampoo and conditioner bars is by safeguarding them from water and heat. To achieve this, locate a spot in your shower that remains well clear of direct water contact or, alternatively, store your bars outside

Is it normal for my hair to undergo changes in appearance and texture after using your Hair Care bars?

Absolutely, it's entirely normal, and actually anticipated, for your hair to undergo an adjustment period when transitioning away from chemical-laden products. Your hair's roots and shaft will gradually adapt to the wholesome, deep cleansing experien

How long will my shampoo bar last?

The longevity of your TANIT Shampoo Bar hinges on several factors, including your usage frequency, storage practices, and your hair type, such as its length and thickness. Typically, TANIT Shampoo Bars offer approximately 25 to 35 washes on average.

Wondering about the savings when compared to using liquid shampoo in plastic bottles?

Here's a perspective: A single 250 mL liquid shampoo typically lasts for around 25 uses or approximately 1.5 months of regular use (assuming one shampoo every two days). Over the course of a year, this equates to several bottles of shampoo. In contra